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D. Iron is the name of a project born in 2008, after several years spent looking for the proper sounds - wich are supposed to be the right ones to give music the power to make us shiver – and increasing experience about music. Years spent, we said, seeing the gears of the 1210 going around and around billions of times and smelling the acrid scent of vinyl; roaming from club to club, in Italy and Europe, looking for The Vibrancy, the big one, the one that can be loved from both sides of the stage; meditating on the flow of events of the World of Music, in each of its moment and expression. The time is now ripe to start the racing activity. Each track by D. I. is specifically designed to leave a concrete sign inside whoever listens. D. I. deals mainly with dance and atmosphere music, glacial sometimes and extremely soft and confortable some others, even irruente in a few cases. D. I.’s technology is 90% based on the computing power of processors wich reside in His head, however, he needs the support of computers, synthesizers, midi instruments, guitars, voices and microphones. D. I. sometimes uses a processors or instruments supplied by friends and collegues, with whom he gets in touch every time He has the chance to do that, it’s all part of the game. The Underground has nothing less than Pop, it is just more originally furnished!


The Electro war saga EP01

Do you really think you've ever heard a sound like this?! massive electro explosion!


The Electro war saga EP02 - The funky strikes back -

Before the compression, our fathers could liberate their synth in the air.. And anything was free, and everything sounded effortless.


The Electro war saga EP03

Whatever the darkness does, our soldiers couldn't stay trapped anymore. This smooth explosion of groovin' techno is the result of their battle.


The warp zone

dark electro flavoured techno 10


D. Iron Live @ IZ

A massive Techno live set from InterZona -VR- care of our techno soldier



D. Iron live

Recorded @ Nokia trends lab main event 20/11/2008 - Alcatraz - MI


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